MEXICO ~~ P. 6

Outside Chapala is a town called Ajijica. It has many quaint shops filled with handicrafts, weavers work there & Americans build houses. The Americans are well-liked because they support social projects such as schools for the blind. Houses cost ca. $75,000 US & there are a number of developments here.

The lake shrunk at Ajijica, too. This is the old lighthouse.

On to Puerto Vallarta & our hotel, the Sierra, in Nuevo Vallarta. Nuevo Vallarta is about 25 minutes away from the town. Ten years ago, it was a stretch of sandy beach with scrub grasses. Fifteen months ago (Dec. 1999), there were 4 hotels. Now??? Huge hotel/condo complexes & a shopping mall with Internet access! A golf course is planned & more condos are being built.