TURKEY -- November, 2000

Covered Grand Bazaar -- Center entrance down Goldsmith's alley, Istanbul

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Sultan's hair washing station

Topkapi Palace Brazier to keep the harem ladies warm

Outside area of Topkapi-- Mohammed's beard kept in room with golden arches

View from walkway around Topkapi-- looking toward Asia Minor

Topkapi -- note enclosed upper porches--

Topkapi where the jewels are kept

Topkapi Throne room in Harem-- rug made by male prisoners

Topkapi-- typical ceiling gilded & inlaid

Topkapi- part of harem

Topkapi - harem-- fireplace & mosaics

Topkapi - lots of niches

Topkapi - Queen's room (Sultana's room?)

Topkapi - Princes' room

Crossing the Bosperus from Izmir


Turkish manuscript